New ways of working – HWC support during lockdown

The world has changed rapidly in recent weeks and we are having to adapt in ways that were unimaginable before Covid-19. The impact on our health and wellbeing in meeting the strict isolation rules are challenging but it is an opportunity to change how we think, work and live.

I have extensive experience in health and wellbeing from individual to community level and would like to offer support where I can to education, charities, businesses and individuals alike.  For teachers and lecturers having to teach online can be very challenging and with a decade of teaching online I have the necessary skill set to support.  

There is a lot of fantastic support out there and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so this is where you come in! Not sure where to begin? Areas that I think would be useful to cover would be…

How to juggle working at home

How to make online education interactive and engaging

How to turn a face-to-face training session into an interactive online session

How to stay sane during these uncertain times

Please email me at or drop me a message on Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram with any areas (they don’t have to be listed above!) that you would like support with. Once I’ve heard from a few of you all I’ll look at running online support sessions.