Health & Wellbeing Workshops

For Employees

Employee Healthy Workstyles Programme Series

This workshop series has been designed to support employees through a process of change taking a personalised approach. All material used within the series is based on current evidence and is underpinned by behaviour change theory. The workshops are intended to be fun, engaging and motivational with the added benefit of team building.

The Innovator


An introduction to health and wellbeing


This introductory motivational session looks at health and wellbeing from an individual perspective and incorporates physical activity, mental wellbeing, lifestyle related issues, digital burnout, promoting self-management and prevention. At the end of this presentation participants will be encouraged to consider and reflect on their own individual health and wellbeing and identify 3 areas/issues that they would like to address with key action points. These action points will be taken forward to ‘The Developer’ workshop which will be bespoke to the organisations’ employees. (10-20 participants)

The Developer

Taking control of your health and wellbeing


In this interactive workshop, themes from ‘The Innovator’ presentation are explored more fully. The session will be fun, topical and informed by the current evidence base. The 3 areas that participants identified from the first session will be developed and typically include: stress and depression; weight loss; smoking cessation; drugs and alcohol; work life balance and how to build more physical activity into their lives. This is by no means an exhaustive list! At the end of this workshop participants will have developed a personal Action plan (pAp)™ based on their individual goals and will have explored how the shared journey with colleagues can be empowering and enlightening. (10-20 participants)

The Motivator

Turn your short term health and wellbeing goals into long term health improvement


This interactive workshop has been designed to be delivered 3 months after ‘The Developer’ to allow participants time to progress their personal Action plans (pAp). This timescale will demonstrate whether any short term behaviour change has taken place and will allow participants to explore their own Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats (SCOT) in relation to their goals. The principals of behaviour change will be explored to help participants understand the theory of change and they will be facilitated and supported to develop stage 2 of their pAp’s. The shared journey and any developments that have arisen from a work place health and wellbeing perspective with colleagues will also be explored.   At the end of the half day workshop participants will have progressed through the SCOT, developed stage 2 of their pAp’s and explored how they can work as a team to increase their goals.  (10-20 participants)


Tailored solutions to meet your employee’s needs.


The outcomes of the Employee Workshop Series can be taken forward as the first stage of the development of a unique workplace health and wellbeing strategy for your organisation. Bespoke stand-alone presentations, workshops and programmes can be designed to meet your employees’ specific needs.


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